Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crafting on a Monday: Bloodshed for a tote

I bought some upcycled bed linen off Etsy and used it for this...


This is a first, sewing a bag with a base, and adding those darned wooden handles. i am pleased, but could have been neater. My sewing machine kept jamming up so i had to hand stitch the straps that held the handles. That was before I found out I could unscrew the handles from the metal hooks for easier sewing and handling. *GGAAAAHHHH*

Hand stitching through 4 layers of cotton and canvas + many pin pricks = bloodshed and tears



This is a much calmer me, after a whole morning of an endless tirade of expletives. I shall attempt another bag on another occasion for the shop. and then i can add in a pocket or two, and a metal clasp for closure. With some experience and more planning this time, it should be easy-peasy! i hope. *blinks*


  1. Hello~ Thank you so much for stopping by Life on Hackberry Road. "Clover" is my daughter's nickname. My hubby is a farmer and we bale a lot of "clover" hay. Her name is really Chloe.... Chloe was the mythical
    goddess of agriculture... pretty silly, huh? : )
    I love the material you used for your bag. And my goodness... gathers will be a breeze after hand sewing through 4 layers!

  2. This is so great! Thanks for sharing at Make Something Monday!!

    ~ Sarah


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