Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diamonds are a girl's best friend...


So my work mates have planned an outing to the Hiddenite Gem Mines on a Monday when we all don't have to go to work. This place is an emerald mine that is open to the public for prospecting. One of my friends have been there several times and she's shown me her pictures of some of the crystals she's found. Granted, they're not huge crystals, but she said that the whole process of sluicing and digging and finding gems is really the exciting part.

I've since read up on some crystals and their healing properties. I wear a jade pendant that my mother gave me since I was a child, and so, I thought I'd read up on that first.

In the Chinese culture, jade has been considered a lucky stone that brings health, wealth and longevity. Jade comes in many different colours, and it is said that the colours of crystals are to be matched with the the colours of our chakras - the main energy centers of our body - to be most effective. The colours of the chakras consist of the seven colours of the spectrum, starting with red for the root chakra located at the base of our spine, all the up to violet, the crown chakra at the top of our head.

My piece of jade is green which is the colour of the heart chakra, relating to balance and harmony and love. Wearing it around my neck feels like such an apt thing to do. The jade pendant hangs upon my chest, which helps open up the heart chakra to communication and self expression. Incidentally, my chinese name means "bright jade". Ain't that cool?

My mother bought a pair of citrine earrings as a wedding gift to me. The citrine crystal is connected to the yellow Sacral or navel chakra. Citrine is a stone of happiness, bringing joy and optimism into one's life. And apparently it is one of only two crystals on the planet that does not hold negative energy, but dispels and transforms it. With most crystals, you have to cleanse them of the negative energy accumulated, but I guess it is said to be such an energizing and positive crystal, that cleansing is not necessary.

I must remember to put them on more often, if not for the benefits, at least it makes me feel pretty! Can't wait for the trip!!


  1. i know! i love citrine crystals for their colour, but now that i know what they're used for, i love them even more!


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