Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's time for a change


Long-haired is nice. But....


I love my new bob!

I was a very apprehensive about chopping my hair off. Haircuts can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience. I haven't been to a hairstylist in Singapore for ages (my old one moved and I lost his contact) so I didn't know who to go to. I also have very little hair, it always looks flat on my head when it's long and heavier. Plus, i had to look good at my friend's wedding (i was going to be the emcee, for the love of god!)

So a good hairstylist is essential.

Now a bob is good because it gives my hair more volume, and it's a style that i usually stick to (I'm not very adventurous like that). My mother recommended M, my recently married cousin's wife, who apparently gives very good bob cuts. Actually 2 of my 3 sisters have had their bobs done by her, so my fears were assuaged.

I'm actually very pleased with the cut and i think i should just stick to short hair from now. It's fuss-free!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Post Mortem: Some more craft fair fun!


Well, this really isn't a post mortem per se.

I just wanted to thank my family and friends for coming down to support me. The craft fair this time around was less stress more fun! Especially when loved ones pop by to show their support and to say hi!

On the second day of my arrival in Singapore, i was busy getting ready for the night fair. I got my little 'poster' printed out so at least my booth will have a name. (as seen in picture above)

The fair organizers provided a suitcase, a stand and a lamp together with the booth rental.

This is my cousin, who incidentally was at the fair too, selling his snowflake mobile as part of his assignment for his design class. Photo on the right, courtesy of MAAD

My lovely sister, who taught me an invaluable lesson on selling and making sales. I left the selling to her that night, and she was constantly surrounded by interested patrons. Just check out my almost empty suitcase by the end of the night! Yay!!

And my dearest mother, my ever constant pillar of support. I love you mommy!

Not forgetting, the very important Jane of Projects by Jane. Without her, I wouldn't have found out about and subsequently forgotten to apply to the fair. I'm glad to have met you Jane! You're such a soft spoken lady, i would never have thought you are that powerhouse behind your creative business! Thank you for all your help!

Here is a picture the photog at MAAD took of me trying to sell an item to a friend. I wonder if my sister was rating my selling skills... Photo courtesy of MAAD

I had a great time that night, meeting other creative individuals, some of which are regular bloggers. I came back to NC without any of my old stock. What I had leftover from the fair, I gave away as gifts. This is a good chance for me to restock and create new items for my Etsy. I'd like to focus a little more on embroidery, add more details to my bags/pouches, as well as try out new designs. *excited*

Meanwhile, the holiday season is approaching. Before I even make stuff for Etsy, I gotta catch up on making gifts for family and friends!

Happy holidays ahead, friends!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting ready for...

Ugly sweater parties anyone?

I was wasting time Black Friday shopping online yesterday and decided to look on Etsy for sweaters for my ugly sweater party.

I know they look tacky, but there are worse ones out there! And i happen to think they're very cute in a dorky way. Does anyone know who keeps making these tacky sweaters? The ones with the beaded reindeer and sequinned Christmas trees?

Anyway here are my faves. I'm a nerd like that!

color block sweater

tan preppy sweater

stripes sweater

You think i'm insane to love sweaters like these? Hee, hee.

Meanwhile, I'm back in the 'hood and recovering slowly from the horrible thing that is jet lag. Thank you everyone for the lovely vacation wishes. I did have a lovely, albeit hurried holiday.

And yes, Happy Thanksgiving lovely friends! I hope you've had a fantastic time with your loved ones! xx

Thursday, November 17, 2011

i'm sitting at my computer now because a friend just called to cancel his meet-up with me. i was pretty ok with that, seeing how i have a TO-DO list sitting on my dresser, i think i better tackle it before it grows. And it grows so quickly!

it's not fair that i should have a to-do list on my vacation.

but. i am bridesmaid to my dearest friend E this sunday. on top of that, she just told me that I am going to be the English emcee (Master of ceremonies) for her wedding dinner reception, so now i have to write a script, so my Mandarin emcee counterpart can translate.

so. i. need. to. stop. procrastinating.

the list looks something like that:

1. write script and email B.
2. email other bridesmaids the morning gatecrashing itinerary (i'll have LOTS to post about this chinese wedding tradition!)
3. collect contact lenses.
4. design and make a stamp for my etsy shop. (excited! but NOT ENOUGH TIME!!! arrrrgh)
5. buy baking stuff
6. make an appt for mani, pedi and brazilian wax.

would you take a look at Number 5? I think i'm getting way out of my league trying to bake a birthday cake for my mom. but i will try. because i know she'll love it. and since i'm singapore anyway, she probably won't read my blog till it's past her birthday.


and all i want is to sit on the beach and read my new book.

thank you all for the lovely vacay wishes! i will shower some blog love after the 22nd! xoxo

P.s. i think i just ate what looked suspiciously a deer hoof tendon in my soup.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A short break...

Hullo friends,

I apologise for a lull in the activity on the blog. I'm back in my hometown doing a little bit of visiting, a flurry of catching up and TONS of shopping.

I've been trying to catch up on blogs when i wake up (like now) but my days are packed!

And i forgot my camera's USB which means no uploading photos for the 2 weeks i'm here!

So. I promise there'll tons of yummy visuals when i get back.
and lots more about the lovely country that is ...


that'll probably make you want to visit!

Meanwhile, I'm soaking up lots of sunshine (and humidity, urk!) and will be missing the blogosphere for awhile!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thrifting: 3 dollar specials!

I went Goodwill Hunting awhile ago, and because we moved, there's a new Goodwill in this area that was waiting to be pillaged checked out...

Here's a bunch of $3 (or less, before taxes) items I scored over the two weeks since I moved in! I really don't think I will pay full price anymore. (Although that remains to be seen because I'm antsy to check out the new H&M in Singapore.)

From Goodwill,

Tiny skirt that flounces really prettily, and i can wear cute tights under. Love the prints too!

Dress that I squeezed into and found in the kids' section. The elastic waistband cinches so tight it is hard to get into, but once that's done, it sits nicely on my frame. I guess having not much of a chest works. Sometimes.

A hat I found randomly stashed in the women's slacks section. And a few different expressions I think I can manage. Sorry for the cam-whoring. I actually don't do this very often, but I was packing my luggage and drinking coffee at the same time.

A very big but retro looking top that I thought I could pull off as an off shoulder thing. I'll be pairing it off with my jeans and some boots, but that's kinda like my staple getup, nothing too crazy!

A plum colored maxi skirt that was maybe four sizes too big, but before i fix the problem, i'm making do with belts. And it was the prints that sold me! Reminds me of the shoot-the-aliens games in the early Microsoft computer days. OMG, i think that just inadvertently revealed my age.

Two very new belts @ $0.99 apiece! SSSSSCORE!!!! And the dark blue (it looks black in the picture) matches very well with most of my dark colored outfits. And the yellow is just fun!! I'm in love with skinny belts at the mo'.

Speaking of widths. My eye caught sight of this wide elastic belt with a big bow in the middle. There has to be a name for belts like this one, but I'm fashion-technical-term un-savvy like that. So sue me.

And because it's getting colder, i spotted this lilac knitted sweater in just the right size, and spun from the prettiest yarn.

From another trip to Target.

A cute little clutch purse on sale for $3!

And they say, all good things come in 3s!!

Anyone else has got good thrifts to share?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not another Craft Fair??!!


Oh yes!

I'm preparing for another fair, this time on the sunny island of Singapore.

Which means I'm also going home soon!! In not one, not two, but F-O-U-R days' time. Oh i wish time would fly by!! Swing by the Red Dot Museum my friends! The craft fair is held on Friday, 11.11.11 (what an awesome date!) between 5pm-12midnight. Hopefully, the jet lag will keep me bouncing off the walls even at such late hours!

I haven't been crafting for it though, so i'm just going to be selling what was left over from the last fair. I actually made do with what I found in the storage shed in our backyard. The last tenants before us left some stuff in the shed and after rummaging through it yesterday, I found a table and these!


A cute little chair and stool!

The painting and candle sconces were gifts from the J-man's grandma. So this is the beginnings of some decency in my craft room. But i was able to sit down at my sewing machine yesterday... such joy! On my FIRST day off in THREE WEEKS! i don't know how much more i can emphasize my joy! I was also busy finishing my friend's backorder for my embroidered Matryoshka dolls, so i was sewing and embroidering ALL DAY. Love it!!!!

I still have the next three evenings to craft, pack for my trip, and do some laundry.


I've made a few trips to the coin laundry now, and the novelty is wearing off. Can somebody buy me a washer and dryer PUHLEAAASSSEEE!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lay Me Down - Dirty Heads

Sharing yet another favorite song of the mo'. Such a catchy tune!

And yes! My team won the pumpkin carving contest by 8 votes!! That was a real close one!!

Enjoy the song!
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