Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's time for a change


Long-haired is nice. But....


I love my new bob!

I was a very apprehensive about chopping my hair off. Haircuts can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience. I haven't been to a hairstylist in Singapore for ages (my old one moved and I lost his contact) so I didn't know who to go to. I also have very little hair, it always looks flat on my head when it's long and heavier. Plus, i had to look good at my friend's wedding (i was going to be the emcee, for the love of god!)

So a good hairstylist is essential.

Now a bob is good because it gives my hair more volume, and it's a style that i usually stick to (I'm not very adventurous like that). My mother recommended M, my recently married cousin's wife, who apparently gives very good bob cuts. Actually 2 of my 3 sisters have had their bobs done by her, so my fears were assuaged.

I'm actually very pleased with the cut and i think i should just stick to short hair from now. It's fuss-free!


  1. Love it! All the cutest haircuts are for short hair. When I cut mine short, I look like Orphan Annie unless I do some heavy maintenance, which I'm just not up for. Good luck at the wedding!

  2. Love it love it love it!
    I used to have short hair, and I do miss it! I've just been trying to grow out my hair for years!

  3. Very fresh. And very brave of you to get it cut before a wedding mc thing.


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