Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend at the Chadbourne Farm

How was your Memorial weekend?

I had tons of fun visiting my in-laws at their temporary residence on Chadbourne Farm in Hoffman, NC. Hoffman is in Asheboro, near the towns of Southern Pines and Pinehurst. It's a rider's paradise as there are many trails and ranches. My father-in-law had arranged for some riding lessons for us.


Here's me and my buddy Ace, who was ever so patient with me learning to ride. I don't look too confident in the picture! At one point I was telling him to stop and go at the same time! But he was a very steady and gentle horse who's used to beginner riders, so when in doubt, he would stop when I was giving him crazy mixed signals. Such a well trained horse! I think he's a Tennessee Walker, I'm not too sure. I'm also proud to say I actually saddled my own horse before I rode!


Here's the cosy living area we lounged at.


This was our room for the weekend. Isn't it pretty?


And there are charming little nooks and crannies just like this all over the house. I loved it! It would be such a dream to live on a farm, tending to horses, growing veggies in the yard, crafting and quilting the day away!

Be sure to check out Chadbourne Farm if you're in the area! I'm not done exploring the area so I'll be back sometime soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dave Matthews Band in Charlotte, NC


Last night had to be the music highlight of my life! My favoritest band Dave Matthews Band was in town for one night and I was there!!!

I started listening to DMB about 10-12 years ago, and they've been a constant in my music playlists. Other artistes come and go, but DMB just have these oldies but goodies that make my hair stand every time I listen to them. Do you have a certain artiste that make you feel this way? So you know how I feel!

Standing in the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre last night, I was in rapture for the whole TWO AND A HALF HOURS!! Yes, that was how long they played, no sets, no intermission. How awesome is this band? My friends and I were guessing at what the playlist was gonna be, and DMB didn't disappoint. They played so many of my favorites I was so ready to kiss their feet. (Yes, I can sometimes be dramatic like that).


They opened with Big-Eyed Fish and continued to play favorites (mine, at least) like Satellite, So Much to Say, and Dancing Nancies. And finally, when they did their encore, they finished with Trippin' Billies. That drove the crowd wild. And by then I was jumping up and down like a bunny on a sugar high.

And just because they played my all-time favorite song #41, they will be my favorite band for life!

Here is the set list for last night, if you are a DMB fan too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Giveaway and Harvests from the Garden!

Did i tell you, my favorite thing to do these days is picking beans in the garden?

We have two rows of bean plants. And every day, the plants yield this much.


The bean plants are very unforgiving though. Their leaves sting and my arms itch like crazy for awhile after. But the joy of picking the beans off the plants keeps me going. It's like an Easter egg hunt! Only much easier, and more bountiful!


This bean is the size of my palm!

Oh yes and then there are the snow peas.


They're a tricky bunch to pick. The snow peas are flat, so you don't see them until you move to a different angle. Then you wonder "It was right under my nose the whole time, how did I not see this one!" But I love the smell of the snow pea blooms, so picking the peas make me feel happy!


These cute carrots are super sweet and crunchy!


And our zucchini blooms are out!

Even our bearded dragons are enjoying the fresh veggies from the garden! I can't wait for the tomatoes!!

By the way, I'm doing a giveaway for my fellow blogger 
Jess of Avant Garde Living
It's her birthday and I'm giving away a cute little clutch on her birthday week. So hop on over to take part!! Hopefully one of you will win it! Good luck!!!

Happy birthday Jess!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crafting: Appliques and facings


Now I told you I bought a bunch of patterns off Etsy!

The J-man has been waiting for me to make him something. He complains that I make gifts for everyone and forgets him. So he requested for me to make him something with the Chicago Bears emblem on it. Because he loves to cook, i decided to make him an apron.

We discussed the details, and he decided he wanted it simple, with just the signature "C" with orange pockets in the front. And then we took a trip to Hancock Fabrics together for him to pick out his blue and orange fabrics. This was exciting for me because I got the chance to show him around my crafting 'turf'. He could never understand why I loved to make trips to the fabric store, but after his own experience, he was pretty impressed. :)

Once the fabrics were chosen, he left me to work, but i had to occasionally bother him with fittings.


Now i know i'm probably infringing copyrights. I got the letter "C" printed off the internet for a template. BUT i figured this is for personal use, and it's not like they have Bears' aprons for sale. So i traced the letter onto the orange fabric and some sturdy interfacing, edgestitched the layers together and zigzag stitched the letter to the apron. Really proud of this because it looks real profesh!

I doubled the layers of the apron body to hide the applique stitches on the back. And for the first time, i find out about facings. So yes, i think i know ALL about interfacings. But facings? What?

According to Wikipedia, facing is fabric applied to a garment edge, on the inside.

I had to google and youtube all about sewing facings! Thank gawd for the internet. You can learn almost anything online these days. This site was very useful to help me visualize the instructions.

And this video is AWESOME! It explains the use of facings, how to pick the right facings, and how to sew a facing from start to finish!!!

So yes, the apron is complete with bright orange facings on the inside, down the sides.
Here he is, testing out the end product with some outdoor stir frying. But I think he loves it. :)


Monday, May 14, 2012

RIP Betty Boops


Our dear Boston terrier of 14 years has just been put to sleep over the weekend. It had to be one of the saddest Mother's Day ever.

Although I never got the chance to watch Boopsy grow up, I spent a short one year with her when I lived with the in-laws. Boopsy was an old soul, the most easy-going dog I've ever met. She wouldn't fuss if I clipped her nails or gave her a bath, or wiped her paws when she came into the house. Although she would lick my face off in excitement when I visited after we moved out.

I didn't realize how attached I was to her until Thursday night I got a call to say they were going to put her to sleep in the morning. It was too late for me to drive over to the in-laws and I had to work the next morning. I felt so helpless because I couldn't say goodbye one last time. So i bawled my eyes out and cried myself to sleep.

Boopsy has been laid to rest in Grandpa John's backyard. I will have to visit soon.

RIP dearest Betty Boops. Your family loves and misses you terribly.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More vintage patterns!

vintage vogue

No I didn't buy this one. I'd just seen this on JoAnn's FB page and thought I'd share.


"Vintage Vogue patterns now in Jo-Ann stores with new designer Lialia by Julia Alarcon, two new summer dresses, designs from Koos Van Der Akker, and designs from Chado Ralph Rucci and Issey Miyake."

But just look at the price! $15.00 for a pattern! Would you pay $15 for a dress pattern?
Only available in stores though, not online (yet).

Happy weekend ahead!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day trip: International Collectibles & Antiques Show


Yay! Flea market time!

This weekend we headed down to the monthly Collectibles & Antiques Show held at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo in Charlotte. I haven't been to a flea market in a while, and I had a few things to get on my list:

1) Floor lamp
2) Sewing supplies
3) Fabric

and anything else that may tickle our fancy.

We are FOREVER searching for the right floor lamp for our living room. Given that our furniture is more old-world charm, we refused to get one of those utilitarian ones from IKEA and the likes.

There were lamps aplenty at the expo, but none caught my eye. But i did luck out on these fabulous binding strips and decorative ribbon, and a sizeable stack of gingham fabric! I think I might make a gingham quilt with them!




And then we found some lovely whiskey glasses and beer mugs at a dollar apiece! Fun!

The next one is at the end of the month. If you're in the area, swing by the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo at:

7100 Statesville Road ~ Charlotte, North Carolina 28269

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RIP Emma Yong

Emma Yong, far right. Via

Stage actress, Emma Yong, died today in Singapore after a long battle with stomach cancer.

This is really sad news because in my formative years as a theatre student, I watched, and was inspired by her. She was one of the stronger stage actresses in Singapore, equipped with a powerful and beautiful voice. I attended most of her performances, and the one that was most memorable to me was her rendition of "A Bushel and A Peck" in the musical Guys and Dolls.

The thing that scares me most, is that she was only 5 years older than I am. That's right, I am turning the big 3-0 this year, but I'm wondering if i've truly done anything that is worth remembering for posterity's sake. Emma was only diagnosed last year with the cancer, and now she's gone.

Time is precious, fellow bloggers. So get out there, celebrate life and do something you love every chance you get!
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