Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Giveaway and Harvests from the Garden!

Did i tell you, my favorite thing to do these days is picking beans in the garden?

We have two rows of bean plants. And every day, the plants yield this much.


The bean plants are very unforgiving though. Their leaves sting and my arms itch like crazy for awhile after. But the joy of picking the beans off the plants keeps me going. It's like an Easter egg hunt! Only much easier, and more bountiful!


This bean is the size of my palm!

Oh yes and then there are the snow peas.


They're a tricky bunch to pick. The snow peas are flat, so you don't see them until you move to a different angle. Then you wonder "It was right under my nose the whole time, how did I not see this one!" But I love the smell of the snow pea blooms, so picking the peas make me feel happy!


These cute carrots are super sweet and crunchy!


And our zucchini blooms are out!

Even our bearded dragons are enjoying the fresh veggies from the garden! I can't wait for the tomatoes!!

By the way, I'm doing a giveaway for my fellow blogger 
Jess of Avant Garde Living
It's her birthday and I'm giving away a cute little clutch on her birthday week. So hop on over to take part!! Hopefully one of you will win it! Good luck!!!

Happy birthday Jess!


  1. Your garden has so much! You can pickle or pressure can all of those beans too. Dilly beans are delicious!

  2. I've only seen skinny carrots because I shop at ntuc supermarket. If I were to see a fat carrot, I would not buy it because I think it's on steroid.

  3. Your growing season is WWWWAAAYYY ahead of growing here. Good looking produce and blossom sweet. If you see mine tomorrow, you will see a big difference in gardening time, he hee hehe

  4. Yummy! Veggies from the garden are so much tastier than the ones from the store!

  5. Never seen such carrots before :) Glad your garden gives you so much joy!

  6. Those carrots are wonderful, such a great harvest. I wish I had such a veggie garden.

  7. I've come over from Jess's blog :)
    I love home grown veg, especially carrots!


    1. Hi Jess! Welcome! Glad you could stop by, good luck in the giveaway!

  8. How I love home grown zucchinis! Although being English I'm more likely to call them courgettes! My parents grow them and all I remember is being swamped by then - they grow so fast so quickly. Nothing beats peeling and popping your own home grown begs - I love popping peas!


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