Sunday, January 10, 2010


The boys have upped and left for Marion this weekend for an all-boys-only camping trip, which in my opinion is not fair. Why only boys? I want to go camping too. But no, this camp is only for fathers and their sons to have a male bonding session i guess. There are about 4 sets of father and sons going on this trip of campfire, fishing and sleeping in tents. Well, i guess while they freeze their butts off in the low 50s temperature, i will be all snuggled up under my covers on a king sized bed. Hmph.

So Mom has planned for a girls' night out to the movies while the boys are gone. We are going to watch a chick flick which otherwise would not have materialized if the boys were around. Tonight the girls will be going to the Marquee to watch the Betty White show You Again. I hope it's good. It looks fun but i will be missing my boy. :( Not to mention, I won't be able to take the car out this weekend, because I can't drive unless he is in the car next to me. Bleagh. Maybe I should just practise my three-point turns in the driveway.

And there is the grand opening of Mint Museum this weekend in Charlotte that i so wanted to go to. Guess I'll have to pass on that. But check this out, I want to go to the Renaissance Festival coming up next weekend. It's a medieval themed amusement park complete with a village, marketplace and an arts and crafts fair! Everybody there will be dressed up 16th century style and speaking old English! Whoo!

Via Carolina Renaissance Festival
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