Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RIP Emma Yong

Emma Yong, far right. Via

Stage actress, Emma Yong, died today in Singapore after a long battle with stomach cancer.

This is really sad news because in my formative years as a theatre student, I watched, and was inspired by her. She was one of the stronger stage actresses in Singapore, equipped with a powerful and beautiful voice. I attended most of her performances, and the one that was most memorable to me was her rendition of "A Bushel and A Peck" in the musical Guys and Dolls.

The thing that scares me most, is that she was only 5 years older than I am. That's right, I am turning the big 3-0 this year, but I'm wondering if i've truly done anything that is worth remembering for posterity's sake. Emma was only diagnosed last year with the cancer, and now she's gone.

Time is precious, fellow bloggers. So get out there, celebrate life and do something you love every chance you get!


  1. wow I didn't even know about this. very sad news. :(

  2. Sorry sweetie, that is awful and you are so right. We have no idea how long we get to be around. I don't know if I need to leave anything behind for posterity other than happy memories of me in my loved one's hearts. I think that is probably enough.

  3. I didn't know Emma's so young. Saw her once in a production. Rocky horror or something.
    I agree with you. Time is precious. Ever since I recovered from my muscle ailment which sucked away 2 years of my life, I've started to live life better.

  4. Your blogpost pay her a very nice tribute. I thought I didn't know her until I saw this photo above. Of course I have seen all over the public transport, and oh my was she pretty. I didn't have a chance to attend one of her performances, I missed something obviously. RIP Emma Yong.

  5. So sorry to hear about you friend....Hugs to you...


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