Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crafting: Appliques and facings


Now I told you I bought a bunch of patterns off Etsy!

The J-man has been waiting for me to make him something. He complains that I make gifts for everyone and forgets him. So he requested for me to make him something with the Chicago Bears emblem on it. Because he loves to cook, i decided to make him an apron.

We discussed the details, and he decided he wanted it simple, with just the signature "C" with orange pockets in the front. And then we took a trip to Hancock Fabrics together for him to pick out his blue and orange fabrics. This was exciting for me because I got the chance to show him around my crafting 'turf'. He could never understand why I loved to make trips to the fabric store, but after his own experience, he was pretty impressed. :)

Once the fabrics were chosen, he left me to work, but i had to occasionally bother him with fittings.


Now i know i'm probably infringing copyrights. I got the letter "C" printed off the internet for a template. BUT i figured this is for personal use, and it's not like they have Bears' aprons for sale. So i traced the letter onto the orange fabric and some sturdy interfacing, edgestitched the layers together and zigzag stitched the letter to the apron. Really proud of this because it looks real profesh!

I doubled the layers of the apron body to hide the applique stitches on the back. And for the first time, i find out about facings. So yes, i think i know ALL about interfacings. But facings? What?

According to Wikipedia, facing is fabric applied to a garment edge, on the inside.

I had to google and youtube all about sewing facings! Thank gawd for the internet. You can learn almost anything online these days. This site was very useful to help me visualize the instructions.

And this video is AWESOME! It explains the use of facings, how to pick the right facings, and how to sew a facing from start to finish!!!

So yes, the apron is complete with bright orange facings on the inside, down the sides.
Here he is, testing out the end product with some outdoor stir frying. But I think he loves it. :)



  1. It looks AMAZING. It'd look better if it were a NY Jets apron though. ;)

  2. Wauw! you did an amazing job!! I bet he loves cooking even more now, haha ^^ x

  3. Very man-man. But why do you need facing for an apron? Isn't it easier to just fold the edges twice?

  4. Oooh, this came out great! He's looking pretty stylish :)

  5. Love the apron! The colors are perfect for your husband :)

  6. awww, how sweet of you to make your adorable honey an apron. it turned out really well!

  7. Wow this is cool, good job!

  8. oh the apron came out great! he looks like he's enjoying it too, hehe. ;D

    and facings? yeah, i had no idea what that was until this post. really though, the internet helps me out whenever i don't understand anything either. ^_^


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