Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not another Craft Fair??!!


Oh yes!

I'm preparing for another fair, this time on the sunny island of Singapore.

Which means I'm also going home soon!! In not one, not two, but F-O-U-R days' time. Oh i wish time would fly by!! Swing by the Red Dot Museum my friends! The craft fair is held on Friday, 11.11.11 (what an awesome date!) between 5pm-12midnight. Hopefully, the jet lag will keep me bouncing off the walls even at such late hours!

I haven't been crafting for it though, so i'm just going to be selling what was left over from the last fair. I actually made do with what I found in the storage shed in our backyard. The last tenants before us left some stuff in the shed and after rummaging through it yesterday, I found a table and these!


A cute little chair and stool!

The painting and candle sconces were gifts from the J-man's grandma. So this is the beginnings of some decency in my craft room. But i was able to sit down at my sewing machine yesterday... such joy! On my FIRST day off in THREE WEEKS! i don't know how much more i can emphasize my joy! I was also busy finishing my friend's backorder for my embroidered Matryoshka dolls, so i was sewing and embroidering ALL DAY. Love it!!!!

I still have the next three evenings to craft, pack for my trip, and do some laundry.


I've made a few trips to the coin laundry now, and the novelty is wearing off. Can somebody buy me a washer and dryer PUHLEAAASSSEEE!!!


  1. Oh my gosh how exciting!! Have a blast. I wish I was going home too, and my "home" is a lot closer than yours. I'm with you about the laundromat. I saved and scrimped my little pennies and bought a washer and dryer last April, I was sick of my clothes getting weird spots from the machines at the laundromat.

  2. Hope the weather in Singapore gets sunny when you reach here. So far, we've been having a tiny bit of sunshine in the morning and thunder storm in the afternoon. See you!

  3. oh wow, have fun packing for your trip! and good luck with the craft fair ^_^ (and your laundry lol)


    p.s. (thanks for voting for me!)

  4. Ohh, I love the chair! <3 The legs are oh-so darling!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. How wonderful for you! have a safe journey, we look forward to a full report and lots of photos!


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