Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thrifting: 3 dollar specials!

I went Goodwill Hunting awhile ago, and because we moved, there's a new Goodwill in this area that was waiting to be pillaged checked out...

Here's a bunch of $3 (or less, before taxes) items I scored over the two weeks since I moved in! I really don't think I will pay full price anymore. (Although that remains to be seen because I'm antsy to check out the new H&M in Singapore.)

From Goodwill,

Tiny skirt that flounces really prettily, and i can wear cute tights under. Love the prints too!

Dress that I squeezed into and found in the kids' section. The elastic waistband cinches so tight it is hard to get into, but once that's done, it sits nicely on my frame. I guess having not much of a chest works. Sometimes.

A hat I found randomly stashed in the women's slacks section. And a few different expressions I think I can manage. Sorry for the cam-whoring. I actually don't do this very often, but I was packing my luggage and drinking coffee at the same time.

A very big but retro looking top that I thought I could pull off as an off shoulder thing. I'll be pairing it off with my jeans and some boots, but that's kinda like my staple getup, nothing too crazy!

A plum colored maxi skirt that was maybe four sizes too big, but before i fix the problem, i'm making do with belts. And it was the prints that sold me! Reminds me of the shoot-the-aliens games in the early Microsoft computer days. OMG, i think that just inadvertently revealed my age.

Two very new belts @ $0.99 apiece! SSSSSCORE!!!! And the dark blue (it looks black in the picture) matches very well with most of my dark colored outfits. And the yellow is just fun!! I'm in love with skinny belts at the mo'.

Speaking of widths. My eye caught sight of this wide elastic belt with a big bow in the middle. There has to be a name for belts like this one, but I'm fashion-technical-term un-savvy like that. So sue me.

And because it's getting colder, i spotted this lilac knitted sweater in just the right size, and spun from the prettiest yarn.

From another trip to Target.

A cute little clutch purse on sale for $3!

And they say, all good things come in 3s!!

Anyone else has got good thrifts to share?


  1. oohh lovely things! i especially lurveee the floral skirt and the (kids) dress HAHA and i understand your pain of having no chest :P Xx

  2. I am so jealous of your killer finds. Our town is tiny and populated by old people so the only things in the thrift store are grandma clothes, and those grandmas were unfashionable. I love the skirts and the retro top and your camera whoring, you're adorable!!

  3. What awesome haul!! Love the blue top and kids dress! Betcha look super cute in Singapore! Ps extra hugs to deaf for me!! Xx

  4. Love the blue retro top! I also like finding stuff at Goodwill that I can cut out and make into other things, but I haven't done that in a really long time.

  5. my goodness, you scored some great deals! I love that first skirt, and the colord belts, and the clutch... x

  6. these are some serious scores! that flouncy dress is adorbz. (i totally have one like this, i know exactly what you mean about the elastic belt. it takes some doing to get in there.)

  7. These finds are just awesome! I love the skirt in the first picture. I'm very happy that you found such treasures. I came from Projects by Jane and I'm your newest follower. Have an awesome weekend!

  8. Love the skirt and dress. I love to shop at goodwill when I'm on holiday in the USA. Vintage at cheap prices. Lucky you to stay so near one.


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