Thursday, November 17, 2011

i'm sitting at my computer now because a friend just called to cancel his meet-up with me. i was pretty ok with that, seeing how i have a TO-DO list sitting on my dresser, i think i better tackle it before it grows. And it grows so quickly!

it's not fair that i should have a to-do list on my vacation.

but. i am bridesmaid to my dearest friend E this sunday. on top of that, she just told me that I am going to be the English emcee (Master of ceremonies) for her wedding dinner reception, so now i have to write a script, so my Mandarin emcee counterpart can translate.

so. i. need. to. stop. procrastinating.

the list looks something like that:

1. write script and email B.
2. email other bridesmaids the morning gatecrashing itinerary (i'll have LOTS to post about this chinese wedding tradition!)
3. collect contact lenses.
4. design and make a stamp for my etsy shop. (excited! but NOT ENOUGH TIME!!! arrrrgh)
5. buy baking stuff
6. make an appt for mani, pedi and brazilian wax.

would you take a look at Number 5? I think i'm getting way out of my league trying to bake a birthday cake for my mom. but i will try. because i know she'll love it. and since i'm singapore anyway, she probably won't read my blog till it's past her birthday.


and all i want is to sit on the beach and read my new book.

thank you all for the lovely vacay wishes! i will shower some blog love after the 22nd! xoxo

P.s. i think i just ate what looked suspiciously a deer hoof tendon in my soup.


  1. 5. have you baked a cake before?
    6. have you done a brazilian before? sounds painful.

    I'm just a guest at my niece's wedding - zero stress.
    Enjoy yourself anyway.

  2. Your blog is darling!!!! Shall we follow each other? I hope so! xx Emily


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