Monday, November 28, 2011

Post Mortem: Some more craft fair fun!


Well, this really isn't a post mortem per se.

I just wanted to thank my family and friends for coming down to support me. The craft fair this time around was less stress more fun! Especially when loved ones pop by to show their support and to say hi!

On the second day of my arrival in Singapore, i was busy getting ready for the night fair. I got my little 'poster' printed out so at least my booth will have a name. (as seen in picture above)

The fair organizers provided a suitcase, a stand and a lamp together with the booth rental.

This is my cousin, who incidentally was at the fair too, selling his snowflake mobile as part of his assignment for his design class. Photo on the right, courtesy of MAAD

My lovely sister, who taught me an invaluable lesson on selling and making sales. I left the selling to her that night, and she was constantly surrounded by interested patrons. Just check out my almost empty suitcase by the end of the night! Yay!!

And my dearest mother, my ever constant pillar of support. I love you mommy!

Not forgetting, the very important Jane of Projects by Jane. Without her, I wouldn't have found out about and subsequently forgotten to apply to the fair. I'm glad to have met you Jane! You're such a soft spoken lady, i would never have thought you are that powerhouse behind your creative business! Thank you for all your help!

Here is a picture the photog at MAAD took of me trying to sell an item to a friend. I wonder if my sister was rating my selling skills... Photo courtesy of MAAD

I had a great time that night, meeting other creative individuals, some of which are regular bloggers. I came back to NC without any of my old stock. What I had leftover from the fair, I gave away as gifts. This is a good chance for me to restock and create new items for my Etsy. I'd like to focus a little more on embroidery, add more details to my bags/pouches, as well as try out new designs. *excited*

Meanwhile, the holiday season is approaching. Before I even make stuff for Etsy, I gotta catch up on making gifts for family and friends!

Happy holidays ahead, friends!


  1. How fun!! And wow!! Good job you on your sales!! Xx


  2. Congrats on all of your sales and it's so nice to see family supporting each other. woo hoo!


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