Thursday, December 1, 2011

The necessary evil of Online shopping!

Especially if there's free shipping! Woot!

I was shopping for the J-man's Xmas presents (check!) when my itchy fingers skimmed over these websites:

Urban Outfitters

where I got us some new sheets.


J got the Amazon Prime this year and got me an iron. So here's the latest additions to the craft room:


And then i went on Etsy and found two cute vintage Coats & Clark embroidery magazines. Can you believe they used to be only 29cents each?


And i just got my groove on into making this year's Christmas presents, so busy busy times ahead!!

How's your holiday shopping getting along?


  1. Oh, online shopping...I hate how I can go looking for something specific and end up 12 sites in looking at completely random things! So far I haven't done much shopping, but December snuck up on me...I have to get a move on!

  2. I love those sheets! I almost clicked right over to Urban Outfitters. Stop me! I'm like this, too. Once you start, you can't stop! Amazon is the worst for me since they have practically everything.

  3. Those magazines are so vintage chic! What a fun find. I am almost done with my shopping and can't wait to gift wrap them. :)

  4. i am about to join you in a heavy dose of the online shopping tonight :) i've managed to get the handmade presents done, but there are definitely some finishing touches to be bought. i'm scared to open the floodgate, haha.

    love the magazines! are you going to make any of the projects inside?

  5. ahhh, online shopping is just TOO EASY.
    i started already too, but there's still a
    few i need to get!

    how do you like amazon prime?
    i order from there all the time and was wondering if it was worth it.


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