Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The latest Russell addition


Hey Don Vito! We found you a buddy! Meet Verne on the right!

Verne is only 1.5 years old, a baby by Don Vito's standard, who is 4.

Sadly, bearded dragons are solitary creatures, as we've found out the hard way. No, no animals were harmed in the process, but Don Vito put on the biggest display of dominance last night. He did multiple head bobbings, his beard turned grey in annoyance and he kept climbing on top of Verne (again, a display of dominance in not letting the bottom dragon bask).

So we separated them the very next morning.


Here is Verne, safely and happily settled in his new environment.

I hope the J-man is NOT starting a collection.

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  1. What do they eat?! Honey! You have the most interesting house lets! ;)


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