Saturday, December 3, 2011

News from the (overgrown) garden: Tales of neglect

We've moved out from my in laws. Which means our garden is now 20 miles away. Which also means we're not counting on it to be watered everyday but thank goodness it's not summer now. So our fall garden has been thriving on it's own (as Mother Nature generally does).

Went back to see the in-laws last night, they got us a microwave oven for Christmas (yay!)


We went out into the garden to pick our fruits of (non) labor and found these strange looking leaves.

When we got back, J was impatiently trying to figure out what they were. He looked through pictures on the seed packets and online and couldn't for the life of him remember what he planted.

After a frustrating hour of researching on the internet... bakchoy, no. Arugula, no. The metaphorical bulb lit.


He had chopped off the tops of what were the beginnings of the beautiful heads of broccoli!!!!!

This was followed by many minutes of palm-to-face self-admonishing dismay.

Moral of the story: never neglect your plants. Or perhaps, just label them clearly.


But the carrots growing in our current backyard, in a bucket, is doing THIS well. They're the length of my palm (and if you know me, you know how small my hands are). But they're super sweet!


  1. it sounds so nice to eat what you plant! me - i'm a plant killer. every plant i've tried to grow died.

  2. my carrots were tiny this year too but there were zillions of them and they were yummy as can be. Enjoy the fruits of your non-labor!

  3. You need a garden at your new place! Or at least a little one. There's nothing like grabbing food from the yard and cooking with it!

  4. Nice blog and your embroidery is beautiful. Hope you can visit my blog, if you've got a minute. Thanks.

  5. aww, the carrot looks precious! hehe.
    and how awesome that you're growing your
    own vegetables in a garden (yum, i <3 broccoli!)


  6. i LOVE having an organic garden. so fun and it makes you feel so good to know where your food comes from!


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