Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spreading Good Cheer Giveaway: Look up!

Guess what we saw up in the sky today?



It's a balloon fest! We screamed hello and they tried to land in a field next to our house, but not quite successful, because they almost got caught in a tree, so they took off again.

Now is this inspiration or what.


Except that i'm not too witty to think up a clever phrase to accompany the embroidery. So i'm doing my FIRST giveaway, seeing how giveaways always spread good cheer all round.


Help me think of a catchy phrase to embroider. I'll pick the best one, embroider it, and then send you this embroidered wall art, as a way to say thank you! The hoop measures 5". The giveaway ends next Friday, 3rd June 11:59PM EST.

I am going to extend this to international readers too, since most of my friends are not in the US. So put on your thinking caps!! Send in your clever entries. Oh yes, and multiple entries are ok :)



  1. Hi! Thought I'd enter this~ kind of fun to think about it all, too. :)

    -Floating on by? Come in and say Hi!
    -There's always something beyond the clouds...

    Can't think of anymore right now, but I hope to contribute some more later.

    Also, not sure if I already put in a comment like this before, and if I have, I apologize for the repetition. Really like your blog so far, I just started reading days ago, and playing "catch-up." :)

  2. oh wow! comments like these make me smile! what a way to start my day! woo-hoo! thanks!


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