Sunday, May 1, 2011

The day she nearly drowned

I came home yesterday to devastating news. Our 12 year old Boston terrier, Boops, fell into the pond behind the house and nearly drowned. Fortunately, she managed to swim back to shore all by herself. But when she came ashore, she collapsed in exhaustion.

The J-man was fishing at the pond when this happened but hadn't noticed the whole fiasco until he saw Boops lay unmoving on the ground. He carried her back home, gave her a bath before putting her to bed, all covered up.

In the middle of the night, Boops' breathing sounded horribly laboured. She took heavy short breaths and refused to respond to food or water! We knew something was terribly wrong when she refused a big chunk of chicken in her face.

We called the 24hr vet service, but the lady on call couldn't really tell us anything because no one knew the exact details of what had happened. We feared she had water in her lungs, which could lead to pneumonia. We read about cases of dogs that died a few days after near-drowning incidents because they had caught pneumonia after. We couldn't do anything for her that night, except to keep her warmly wrapped up, and waited to see what would happen in the morning. I cried my eyes out trying to fall asleep.

This morning, Boops looked a million times better. I guess she overexerted herself trying to get out of the water, her arthritic legs not helping. She's not 100% back to her old self, but at least she's up and about. I'm so afraid that her days are numbered, her being so old and weak.

Here is a little dedication to our dear Boops. Get well soon! We love you!!!


Made one for the Etsy too, for all the dog lovers out there.

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