Wednesday, May 25, 2011

News from the garden!


Look at what started to flower in the garden!


I'm so excited about the big yellow zucchini flower! It is gorgeous, and yes, a city girl like me never knew!


And the bush beans have started to flower too!

On the whole, our garden seems to be doing better, even with worries about the plants not getting enough sun. We were also starting to worry about our Thai basil and rosemary after we thought we had picked them prematurely last week and as a result screwed up the whole plant. But nature is a wondrous thing. This morning, we'd seen that the picked areas started to grow new leaves. PHEW!

I'd better start weeding again this evening. The weeds are starting to bother me (and the plants!)

How are your plants doing?


  1. I am mega jealous! That is so fantastic! Gardening is so much fun:)

  2. it is so much fun! keep gardening!


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