Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Trip: NoDa All Arts Market


Sorry Zhingy, I didn't take any more photos other than this one. :(

I was too excited checking out all the booths set up inside. And there were more little stalls set up by the roadside too.

NoDa is an area that is home to a collection of galleries, restaurants, stores and performance venues. Situated on North Davidson St at 36th, it is peppered with little quaint houses, complete with vegetable gardens and trees filled with nests! What a lovely little place to live in! Every 1st and 3rd Friday, NoDa hosts a gallery crawl that encourages people to check out the lively and unique street scene. There was this one cute little shop (I forgot its name!) but it sold little traditional trinkets across different cultures, like nacho libre masks, turkish evil eye charms and even chinese golden piggy banks. Very interesting!

Here is how I persuaded the J-man to accompany me downtown.


He was like a kid in a candy store in this Asian mega-mart, called New Century, located a couple miles away from the NoDa area. Time to stock up on the kim chee and the sambal belachan! We bought some spring roll skins and this was what transpired.


Spring Rolls before deep flash-frying. We added carrot, cucumber, ginger strips as well as shrimp and some wild wood ear fungus, freshly picked!

One yummylicious and adventure-filled day off! WHEEEE!!

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