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Etsy Pick of the Week :: Folkspirit ::


"I wake up, and my hands are there, waiting to help me with anything I need."

~ Elecia
Read her interview on Etsy

Each day I find more and more inspiring people who do much good, who craft and create, who return to the simplicity of life and respect and love the world around them. This lady from Indiana, a self-taught herbalist, is one who chooses to put her faith in the natural remedies the good Earth gives, than submit to the profit-driven drug companies. *two brownie points in my book*

She creates herbal salves, teas and other natural goodness like... get this... smoking blends!! in her Etsy store Folkspirit

And she dreams of owning a home tucked away in the mountains with lots of land and a garden to call [her] own! Yay to garden growers!!! *two more brownie points*

The J-man believes in the FDA conspiracy of the suppression of cures and has been persuaded to self medicate (on a lot of occasions) using his Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). I have been skeptical, but perhaps now a little less, ever since the incident with Boopses. If you're not in the know, our dog Boopses had a near drowning incident about a week ago, but managed to swim to shore despite weak arthritic legs. She had looked so weak after, we were afraid her time was up. That night, she fell into a convulsive fit but came to a minute later. We suspected water in her lungs and read that it could cause pneumonia, which could eventually kill her. Worried, J put small doses of MMS in Boopses' water on several occasions. The very next day, she was back to her normal self.

Now, I'm not saying that I attributed it to this miraculous solution. But I like the concept. It supposedly kills the pathogens that kill or diminish the power of our immune system, which then allows our own immune system to kick in and heal the body of the afflicted diseases. I like the fact that it is our body that does the healing, and not some manufactured drug. That is also why I like Folkspirit, and its emphasis on natural remedies.

Because in the beginning, when the world was in a balance, the first people understood and respected the power of all things natural.

Boopses is still going strong. Just saying.


  1. OK girl, MMS is sodium chlorite.

    It's a CHEMICAL used to DISINFECT. And it results in the exact same thing as antibiotics and antivirals - they kill pathogens or render them unable to reproduce so the body's immune system will be able to eliminate them. The big difference is that antibiotics tend to kill off the healthy flora as well whereas MMS claims to be target specific. But at the end of the day they are all manufactured drugs.

    Drug company conspiracy theories aside, have there been any scientific research on MMS that supports the health benefits of its use, other than what ONE man is claiming? A chemist/aerospace engineer? What about long term side effects? I'm not saying that MMS is BS, I don't know anything about it other than what I've read. What I'm saying is wouldn't you want to know that it has at least been tested? Yes there are many success stories, but thallidomid was widely used until they found out it causes birth defects when taken during pregnancy. And hence the much much stricter rules for testing before a drug is released to the public.

    I've actually come across 3 articles in medical journals on the toxicity of chlorine dioxide in the human body. One as recent as 2000. I'm sending one to you. READ! And just go herbal... less chances of your internal organs failing due to an overdose. :p

  2. Thanks for the links, i'm reading them now. I have not tried it and i managed to convince J to stop taking it awhile ago... although not completely.


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