Monday, May 16, 2011

Crafting on a Monday: Make your own wrapping paper!

So this is what we do at work to amuse the kiddos.


We call it the Marblelized-effect.


Tempera paints
Shaving cream
Disposable Coffee Stirrer / Popsicle sticks
Hard edged cardboard/ plastic
A serving tray or any Wipe-able surface (cos it's gonna get real messy!)


Step 1:

Squirt shaving cream all over tray. Experiment with different amounts. We were quite generous with the dosage :p

Pick any combination of paints to dribble onto tray, on top of the shaving cream. We used squirt bottles, so all you need to do is to squeeze the paint out of the bottle.

Step 2:
Use a stirrer (we used straws) to mix up the paint and shaving cream some more, creating swirly patterns. But the trick is not to stir it up too much, just enough to create some pretty swirls.

Step 3:
Gently place a piece of paper over your paints and pat down.

Step 4:
Lift the paper gently and turn it around. Lay it on a flat surface. Grab your hard-edged piece of cardboard. Start from one end of the paper, scrape off, in one sweeping motion, all the excess cream and paint.

Step 5:
Let it air dry (although it should be pretty dry by then) and admire the end results!

You can use it to make cool wrapping paper or frame it up as pieces of art! Have fun!!!

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