Monday, May 23, 2011

I feel like I could be...


the 500-piece puzzle Queen!

Finished this last night with my MIL. Brings back childhood memories of puzzles of the past. My very first completed 500-piece puzzle was a birthday gift. It was a picture of Disney's Snow White and the 7 dwarves and I was proud of it because i finished it all by myself. My mother and i glued it to a cardboard base and then she sent it for framing. I wonder if she still has it...

My biggest regret was not buying this 1000 piece puzzle which was a scene of the African savannah, with the savannah animals all lined up in a row. The elephants took centre stage, flanked by giraffes and lions and zebras and antelopes, and more small animals at the ends. The whole puzzle was in sepia and i loved how beautiful it looked. I remember telling myself that I wouldn't be able to finish it so I never bought it. All i remember was, every time i walked past the store, i would gaze longingly at the completed puzzle on display, and wished it was hanging in my room instead. I can't find that puzzle now. :(

Now i'm on the hunt for another puzzle to start!!

vintage flora

Here's one vintage flora 500-piece that i like.

rosie riveter
How about Rosie the Riveter?

Oh my goodness, do i have time for yet another hobby?

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