Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 8 : Shape

May 7 : #shape #fmsphotoaday guess what this is a close up of? Inspired by @adamsdrespling

Can you guess what this is? I was inspired by one of my Instabuddies @adamsdrespling who takes close ups of objects. The point is to look at commonplace items in a different light. Who knew ordinary objects could look so extraordinary?! Have you taken a closer look at something today, that you would normally have walked past without a second glance? If you haven't, do it! It's so fun, and amazing!

By the way, the photo above is a close up of the one of our door knobs. How many of you guessed it? It looks like glass, but it's actually plastic. I felt like I was looking through a kaleidoscope!!

1 comment:

  1. My first guess was a diamond, then the bottom of a drinking glass. I just adore those old glass door knobs. They have so much character. :)


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