Monday, May 27, 2013

May 26 : Fave thing to do on a Sunday

May 26 : fave thing to do on Sunday -- weeding!! Rocking out in a J.Lo wide-brimmed hat! #fmsphotoaday #gardening #thisishowweroll

For now, when the weather is still not that crazy hot, I really enjoy getting on my hands and knees to pull out those weeds! I bought a big sun hat a while ago, and never got to use it at the beach. I dusted it off and wore it for the first time, and my oh my, how I loved it! The brim is so wide it covers my face, shoulders and even my arms! If the sun is right overhead, I'm pretty sure I can curl into a ball, under my hat, and the sun can't touch me!

Do I look #farmer enough? #gardening #funinthesun #howtowearaJLoaccessory
Here is the mother of all sun hats!

For weeding today I put my hair up in braids! @ktshobana It has been a beautiful sunny memorial weekend! Give thanks! #selfie #funinthesun #productivetanningsession
Some days I wear my hair in braids and keep it all up with a scarf!

Happy gardening and enjoy the beautiful Memorial Weekend!


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    1. Thanks Jane! I love it for the ultimate shade it provides!!

  2. You in that sun hat is lovely!! I couldn't find that kind of hat in my city. :P

  3. Yep, you definitely know how to look cute when you're gardening! I always bring big floppy hats to the beach, but then give up on them after they blow away a few times. Now, I should give them some use when I'm working in the yard!

  4. What a perfect hat! You look so cute in it :) I love the glasses too :)

  5. What a fun sun hat :) Yes pull those weeds- your garden will appreciate it.. I know mine does.

  6. You look darling in your big sun hat :)

  7. great hat! perfect for will have to show us all the things you have planted!


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