Friday, May 24, 2013

May 19 : My favorite view

Well, I must apologise... These pictures are terrible, and totally do not do my "favorite view" any justice. But I meant it in a way that I love watching these Carolina Wrens nest right on my window sill. From building the nest to watching the parents brave our presence just to feed their hungry babies. What parents will do for their offspring. It's universal!

May 19 : my favorite view (when I'm washing dishes) this little birdie built a nest on our window sill. Every evening I watch it bring grubs to its little baby! #carolinawren #birds #nature #fmsphotoaday
Finally caught a picture of the mother!

Can you see those little beaks wide open?? Mama & papa are busy #feeding their little #carolinawrens #birds
You can see two little beaks wide open, waiting to be fed.

Next year I'm getting a bird house, and setting it someplace where viewing would be easier!

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