Monday, May 27, 2013

May 25 : Us!

May 25 : us! We're #dogsitting Mr. Benny again! #dogstagram #onedaylate #fmsphotoaday

Doggy sitting Mr. Benny again! He's a rescue, and according to his owners, Benny is a chihuahua and Jack Russell mix. We call him -- A ball of "Benergy"!

Benny says #TGIF "Can I go back to my #family already?" #goodmorning #terrier #chihuahua #dogoftheday #weekend
This is little Benny.

Benny totally asserts his alpha male status. Even though Scuffy is twice his size, Benny usurps his place on my lap, while Scuffy looks on helplessly. When I take them out for potty time, Scuffy stays close behind Benny, never in front. Benny on the other hand, makes certain he marks his territory over Scuffy's.

I feel bad for my poor little Scuffy, so he gets extra cuddles at the end of the day when we all pile into bed together!

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