Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 10 : Stars

May 10 : #stars My mother saves the photoaday by sending me a picture of what she made this morning! #agaragar #jelly with longans!#yummy  #fmsphotoaday

Star- shaped almond jelly with longans! My mother always made these on special occasions. This morning, she made it as a dessert to take to my sister's boyfriend's house. Our two families are celebrating Mother's Day together. Too bad I wasn't able to join them. What are your special Mother's Day celebrations! I hope you have a good one!


  1. I love almond jelly! Never ate them shaped as stars tho'.

  2. What do you use to shape the jelly? I have food cutters (the Japanese style ones that people like to use for bento)! Would those work?

    1. Good to hear from you! I guess cutters would work. I've never tried cutting them, but you could let the jelly solidify before using the cutter. My mother uses a star-shaped mold, pours in the mixture to let it set in the fridge.

    2. Thank you! I'm glad to be able to catch up on your stuff! :) I will try cutting them and see what happens. Those are really small stars. Is it a tray with the shapes?

    3. It actually not that small, but yes it's a tray of 4 stars if i remember correctly. if you have star shaped ice trays, you could try that too, although I don't know if it works! I added you on Instagram!


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