Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 27 : Can't live without...

May 27 : can't live without #coffee #sad I tried quitting over the long weekend but the headaches were terrible. I'm cutting down in portions

Coffee. What else?

This is terrible, I tried quitting coffee over the Memorial Day weekend and failed miserably. Caffeine headaches are THE WORST!

A friend recommended Lavender tea, it apparently helps ease the headaches. I have yet to try. Does anyone have a tried and tested way to quit caffeine??

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  1. Certainly! I tried several times and failed several times. THE HEADACHE IS THE DEVILLLL. Even if I drink meds for it, I still am not satisfied. When I try to drink coffee, the ache disappears. Hahaha! They said the technique is to quit slowly. I used to drink two to three cups a day (even 4!!) but now, I'm drinking 1 per day and I drink tea (any tea) per day as well. Hopefully, next month, I can say bye bye. :P


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