Friday, June 28, 2013

OMG is it July already?

July is out. #fmsphotoaday

Happy Friday, folks. July is just around the corner. Can you believe we're in the second half of the year?

This summer, we've got exciting plans lined up. We're headed to West Virginia in a couple of weeks with the family for a short getaway. Then come August, we're going to NYC, and for Labor Day we're going to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina!

I've also recently started PostCrossing after reading it about it on Debie's blog. I love getting actual mail. I used to own a stamp collection as a kid, and had several international pen-pals for awhile (such a nerd). Postcrossing is a nice cross between the two, without the long term commitment (i know, I'm terrible!)

Happy summer y'all!


  1. Great plans for summer! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I am surprised at how time passed by! New Year's was just like weeks ago. Haha! Thanks for the mention! Yay for written mails ;) Also, your future days seem to be exciting! Have fun! Take care :D


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