Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 31 : Four things...

May 31: four things in my garden! (Clockwise from top left) little tomatoes | cabbage | kohlrabi | snow peas #fmsphotoaday #vegetables #backyardfarming #gardening #organic

Four things growing in our garden
Clockwise from top left
| little tomatoes | cabbage | kohlrabi | snow peas |

And there's more stuff growing in our yard, in case you missed the previous entry.

Actually, I lied. The cabbage is grown by our neighbor. I slipped that in the collage because I wanted to show you how fantastic of a farmer he is!!
Plus, he gave us that particular cabbage, so now I can make my favorite cole slaw!

Who's in for June?! #photoaday #challenge #neverending #justwhenithoughtitwasover

And P.S. this is June's Photo A Day Challenge. Join me on Instagram @mrsjrizzle !!

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  1. I *envy* these things growing in your garden. I am trying to grow tomato and basil but they are always dry.. I water them everyday. I don't know what is wrong. Haha! XD


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