Sunday, June 9, 2013

News from the garden : After the rain...

Since my next few photo-a-day entries revolve around the garden, I decided to compile everything into one post, to save you from the agony of my blog-bombing.

June 5 : #environment this is where I'm at - my garden!! #backyardfarming #organic #swisschard #mint #herbs #squash #vegetables #fmsphotoaday #onedaylate
June 5 : Environment -- My garden of course.

Clockwise from top
| swiss chard | squash | herbs | mint |

First squash blossom! #toeatornottoeat our squash and zucchini are coming up next! #backyardfarming #gardening #organic #growsomethinggreen
Here's our very first squash blossom! Once they start blossoming, there's no stopping these plants! My marigolds are right next to them, and I'm so afraid they'll be overshadowed by the squash! My marigolds need plenty of sunshine!!

June 7 : my first #bright #nasturtium bloom after the rain! #flowers #fmsphotoaday #nature

June 7 : Bright

My entry for today is our very first nasturtium! Did you know you can eat the flowers?
But after seeing the flowers, I don't think I can bring myself to eat them.
J is a little less sympathetic. This one he plucked right off and popped into his mouth. :(

June 9 : from down low, somewhere on the ground, the #swisschard is quietly growing #backyardfarming #growsomethinggreen #fmsphotoaday #yummy

June 9 : From down low

Somewhere on the ground, the Swiss chard is quietly growing.
I just love how Swiss Chard looks. Especially up close.
The hues, the patterns of the veins, the contrast of the yellows, greens and reds.

We harvested our green beans! #gardening #backyardfarming #organic #ilovevegetables

Then finally,
a very uninspiring picture of our harvested green beans.
But they do taste oh so delicious!

That's all folks!


  1. your garden looks great! i unfortunately had to face the reality that i had killed my lettuce :( hopefully next time i'll be better at it!

    1. Good luck! it's not easy to grow them from seeds, but once they go past the seedling stage, it gets easier! And then you just wait to reap the rewards!

  2. You must be a really good gardener because your flowers and plants are so lovely. The nasturtium looks a little bit like a hibiscus. I used to eat plants and flowers when I was a kid. I'm very surprised I did not die.

  3. Everything looks so fresh!!! You've got quite a beautiful garden! Happy for you!

  4. Oh, wow! I love your garden. It's full of life!!


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