Monday, June 10, 2013

June 8 : An animal

June 8 : an animal #peacock I painted at a painting party #fmsphotoaday #whenyoudrinkwhileyoupaintyoucanbearty

For our friend's bachelorette party, we threw her a surprise painting party. There is a place in Charlotte called Painting with a Twist, where they hold painting classes. You pick a painting you like and they teach you how to paint it step by step. Our bride-to-be Jessica, loves peacocks, and her wedding colors are peacock-inspired hues of blues and purples. So this painting was perfect!

@jben0923 bachelorette party! Love you girl! Hope you had fun!

I can't wait for her wedding in August! It'll be in Binghamton, so J & I will head on down to NYC after! If you have places to see or restaurants to recommend, send them my way pretty please!


  1. Those paintings came out lovely! I saw a peacock at the castle we visited yesterday!! It was a bit stressed from all the sudden visitors I think, because it had it's tail wide open. SO BEAUTIFUL! I can only imagine how amazing your friends wedding venue will look :) x

  2. That is such a gorgeous painting! Your friend's wedding sounds amazing - peacocks are also my favorite animal :)

  3. What a gorgeous piece! I think I'd definitely hang something like that in my home.

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    1. Thank you! I love it too! I'm making plans to go back to do another painting class!

  4. Great picture!!! Love the colors.


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