Friday, April 1, 2011

Thrifting: Sungei Road Thieves' Market

sungei 3

A gem of a find, perhaps ten years ago, when I was still a newbie to thrifting. This flea market is located in Singapore, my home country, a congregation of makeshift stores of second-hand wares haphazardly laid on the ground. Known to most as the Sungei Road Flea Market, I've only recently came to be made aware that it was also known as "Thieves' Market" My only find that day, but a very rewarding one, was a little flowery clutch, in perfect condition, sold to me for a mere $2.

sungei 1

sungei 2

I had almost missed it too, the clutch lying half-hidden beneath a pile of clothes and heels and bags. J often says I take too long looking at stuff that he can glance through in a minute. But it's finds like these that make me tell him "You're wrong, you don't find treasure like this, in one quick glance."

The only thing about this flea market is that it's held under the open skies. So it's definitely not a rain or shine event. Check your daily, or even hourly, weather report before heading out. Singapore's fickle-minded skies can change in a matter of hours.

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