Monday, April 18, 2011

Happiness abound!

J and I had received an invitation to a friend's wedding next month at Myrtle Beach, but had to shelve it when we realised we also had to pay for J's school fees right about the same time. We decided to send them a wedding gift instead, and do it traditional Chinese style - a red packet gift of money and this!

Double happiness

This character is traditionally used in Chinese weddings. It is made up of two "xi" which means happiness, so two of them makes "double happiness"!

When I finished the first one, I enjoyed it so much I made another for the Etsy store!

Double happiness 2

I had to cover up the threads at the back even though i've been the neatest I've ever been. Then again, I could have been a little tidier snipping off the edges peeking out of the hoop. Any other ideas how i can finish off the back? (See photo above)

Here's one method that I found online at Maximum RABBIT designs

I love embroidery now! It's so much fun! And I've got a few more designs up my sleeve. I hope I find a better way to finish off the edges by my next project!


  1. gorgeous!! :) your embroidery work is amazing!

  2. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. You did a great job, too! xo.


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