Friday, April 8, 2011

Mushroom a-picking!

We found some oyster mushrooms while taking a walk. Who would've thought? Growing in a middle of the field in between a tree stump, see how big they are!



We brought it over to Matt's place and his mom cooked them in a killer cream sauce. She had bought some more oyster mushrooms from the store so there'll be enough for everyone, but none of them could compare to the size of the ones we picked!

But we also went into the woods because the day before Matt and J found a hawk's nest (or what seemed to be a hawk's nest). We didn't see the hawk this time, but we heard what we think was a baby hawk's cry. Then there were all these blooming blossoms all around!

Nature's dress up: Dandelion

Nature's Dress-up: Apple Blossom

Aren't they pretty?

Unfortunately, I think because of all that pollen in the air, I have taken to my bed today, and down with a nasty cold, or it might be the flu. Hate it. Wish it would go away soon! I don't want to miss work!

Speaking of work...

I dressed up as the mascot for our museum yesterday to welcome our 100,000th visitor since opening! And it has only been 6months! That was the projected total for the first year and we did it in only half the time! I thought wearing that mascot was going be claustrophobic but it was actually kinda of fun! I loved it when kids clamoured for hugs. But not those who burst into tears in fright.

DPK 100000th visitor

That's me on the far right waving at the cameras!

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