Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gearing up for Earth Day!

The J-man has been talking about setting up our own little garden, planting things we can harvest. Matt's mom grows things like broccoli and beans and chives in her garden, only she grows them in big buckets. I envision a little fenced off yard, growing tomatoes and basil and eggplants. See Pris, what did i tell you about J becoming just like you???

Apparently in a 4X4 foot piece of land you can grow a bunch of things together like lettuce, beans, onions, radishes, cauliflower and more! We are currently scouting the best patch of land to grow our plants, we watch and see which bits get the most sunlight, which patches has the greenest, healthiest looking grass. We plan to have a Chinese garden so I can have my kailan and kangkong, and an English garden with basil and roma tomatoes. J bought some cactus seeds online the other day. I know we can't really eat them, but I'd love to have a row of potted cactus and succulents somewhere in the yard.

And to set the record straight, carrots HAVE seeds.

Chewy - 1 J-man - 0

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