Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birding: make a donation today!

Via Cornell Lab of Ornithology

As I was out in my garden planting some new seedlings yesterday, I heard the songs of the Northern Mockingbird. This was the first time I heard this bird sing its ever changing tune for at least a good half an hour. I was so amused I walked right under it to listen to its song. It was sitting atop a lamp post and didn't fly away when i approached. It did like to make short flights of circular twirls around the post as it was singing. I'd like to think it was dancing.

Speaking of birds,

the Cornell Lab of Ornithology sent forth a team every year to do a challenge to see how many bird species they can spot over the course of 24hours. Team Sapsucker, the team who sets off on this challenge, managed to spot 261 species last year. This year, they aim to break their record, in efforts to raise funds for bird conservation.

On the Big Day 2011 in Texas, the team broke the national record, spotting 264 species. Thanks to supporting friends and members of the Cornell Lab, this event has raised nearly $200,000. The fund-raiser is still going on. So if you'd like to read more about it yourself, go to Big Day 2011 and make your donation today!

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