Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adventure of the foragers

Okay girls and boys. Thanks for making the switch! Hope it was not too much of a hassle for you!

Today's adventure: The weather was perfect because it rained yesterday so the ground was moist, and the temperature warm enough for things to sprout. Our aim was to gather morel mushrooms. The J-man had previously found a few near a dead elm, and so we went back to the same spot to look for more.


These honeycomb shaped mushrooms are tricky to spot. Even if you spot one, it's easy to lose sight of it if you take your eyes away for a second. Especially since the types of morels we found were so carefully camouflaged against the dead leaves on the ground. We spent hours crouched down looking out for these spaced apart fellas. They don't grow in a cluster, as a result, you'll have to look real hard and real close. But there're hot spots, so when you find one, keep looking and search in a circular radius around that morel. I did that for about an hour before I started going all cross-eyed and light-headed. So J and his friend Matt continued to search while I stayed home to work on my new blog! :)


Hope you guys like the new look! Comments much appreciated!

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