Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thrifting: Yard Sales!

I love yard sales! Although i STILL have yet been to one here in the states (glares pointedly at the J-man) i've been bookmarking all the yard sale events around my area religiously every weekend. The down side of my work is that i have to work weekends, and that is when the yard sales take place. Especially on Saturdays. Most Saturdays I have to work. :(

When i do get an odd weekend off here and there, my clever husband has a way of working up excuses to work out of MY plans, and do his instead. *mutter*

This past Saturday my co-worker, lovely Miss Patti, told me she was going to a yard sale. She asked if there was anything I wanted and I had casually remarked that I'm a fabric hoarder.

On Tuesday, she left this in front of my locker at work, with a smiley face on a note attached to it.


She had gotten it for a dollar.

Isn't that neat?

But instead of paying her, I told her that I'll do her sewing project for free. She had wanted me to help her with curtains for her little cupboard and would pay me for my effort. But i think i'll trade it for fabric any day!!!! Love you Miss Patti!!!

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