Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thrifting: Goodwill Hunting 2 (Fabric Hoarding)

This post is long overdue, but i never found the time to sit down and take pictures of my finds. But now, here they are:

Fabric thrifting

airplane prints
Airplane fabric! A great fabric for making a kid's backpack (ha! as if i know how) or cute zippered pencil cases! I bought this fabric because i have something similar

race car
I bought this off Etsy. Someday, i will know what to do with them... You clever people got any suggestions?

Flowery shower curtain
The label says 100% polyester, and i'm thinking it was a shower curtain before. It has a slight coat of water proofing texture to it. Very tricky to cut, took me insane number of minutes trying to cut a square 20" by 20" for my gardening apron project. But it turned out so lovely.

My Little Pony!!!
My favourite! *nostalgic* So excited when i spotted this. Maybe i can make another apron with this material, this time for kids, like a painting smock. What do you think?


  1. Yay for fabric hoarding! For the My Little Pony, definitely seeing a kid apron. You could also do a tapestry for a bedroom wall or a kid blanket. I LOVED My Little Pony as a kid!

  2. I must have been obsessed with thinking about the My Little Pony fabric, because first thing in the morning when i woke up i said aloud "Baby's quilt!"

    but do i dare attempt quilting???

  3. Great fabric finds! I also love the My Little Pony! I think if you started with a patchwork quilt you would find that it's quite easy, especially being a crafty gal like yourself:)

  4. thanks, i will find a day to attempt it!


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