Friday, June 24, 2011

Thrifting: Martha's Vineyard Community Yard Sale

In case we decided to go on a shopping spree, we limited our yard sale budget to $20.

We spent every dime of it, but in return we got

Another fabric stash! *YAY*

Hitachi Rice cooker!

And a juicer that i forgot to take a picture of.
Oh! And the Chime-o-Matic Rice Cooker makes a sound *diiing!* when it's ready! Too cute! I love it!

Butwe both got everything we needed, so money well spent!


  1. a rice cooker, fabric and juices for $20!? that's awesome!!!

  2. Awesome deals! That fabric is so cute! And that's so cool you found a rice cooker- I have been looking for one too. And you got everything for such good prices! Yay, I love yard sales :)

  3. @zhing and @HazelandMare Yay! sending thrifting luck and love your way


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