Saturday, June 25, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

hp deathly hallows

:: July 15, 2011 ::

J and I plan to make it a date night.

We're so excited! Are you?


  1. Everyone should totally dress up to go watch the movie!

  2. YES! Though I'm sad that it's the last one.

  3. bleh... I've not even watched the first one yet :( tried watching on the plane but the quality was so bad I gave up after 2 mins, then tried downloading (stupidly with my VPN on) then kena red flagged by my VPN service provide so had to delete. I should really just go and buy the DVD man

  4. @The CellMate

    aiya! you live in friggin China! Go downstairs and buy a 7kuai DVD! *slaps forehead*

  5. @The Feisty Redhead

    JK Rowling needs to write a prequel.

  6. Finally watched it just now!! (and it's 10 kuai :p) Leaving for home tomorrow so will watch the next one there or in S'pore. YAAAAY!


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