Thursday, June 2, 2011

Next upcoming project: Mandalas

Third day at home, third day without caffeine. Not feeling great, i decided to stop drinking coffee and soda, and drink plenty of water instead. But oh my gosh, the caffeine withdrawal headaches are I cannot make the slightest movement without feeling them. So a word of advice to you all, don't get addicted. Or else, don't think about quitting. Not a pleasant experience. :(

And I've been BORED stiff. I'm pretty sure i am ready to be back at work tomorrow. I can't handle sitting around not having enough energy to do anything, but too restless to be in bed all day. Whenever i'm idle in bed, my mind races and I think about what I could be doing. This happens to me a lot when I can't fall asleep at night. I usually grab a piece of paper and scribble my ideas down.

Today, i was doing the same. Only at 2 in the afternoon. The sunlight was filtering in through the blinds, and I was grumpy about not being able to stay outside because of the darn headaches. And then i thought about doodling. I hoped my brain would allow me to do that much.

I have been thinking about new embroidery projects ever since i was done with the Russian dolls. And i've also been wanting to draw mandalas for the longest time. So...



I've drawn a few more and I want to buy me some color pencils so I can color them in. Can't wait to embroider them!!

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