Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crafting on a Monday: Sleepover Craft Party!

The girls decided to have a sleepover Sunday night at Lauren's. We had planned on watching movies, eating pizza and sharing girly secrets. *giggles*

Being the over zealous bunny that i am, i also decided to plan for a little activity time to share my crafting love with the girls. I searched for a whole bunch of head accessories' tutorials for the girls to try out. But... lesson learnt: the next time we do crafts in a party, there should just be a little less alcohol involved...

I made Lauren a turquoise flowery headband to match her outfit

Jess likes hers with a big droopy orange bow

Jessie did a modern take on a felt flower piece.

It was such fun i think we're gonna do it again! Both the sleepover and the crafting! Yay!


  1. Yaay for craft parties! Looks fun! I want to host another one, too, but yeah... that alcohol can get you in trouble!

  2. alcohol and glue gun. not a good idea...


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