Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ode to the Unsung Hero


When I was a little girl,
You were always the tallest, strongest man in the whole world.
You would sit me on your shoulders, tickle me with your beard.
When I had my bouts of asthma, you would carry me in your arms, rush me to the nearest doctor.
You would rub my back, when i'd wake up, wheezing and coughing, in the middle of the night.
You went to live and work abroad to make ends meet, even if it meant leaving the family.

When I was a little older,
you never interfered with my decisions in life.
You encouraged my interests even though I sometimes gave up.
You gave me the freedom to travel the world, even as you worry about my safety
You watched as i moved further, for work, to marry and to live, now halfway across the world from you, even though it meant only seeing me once a year.

You made these sacrifices and so much more.
I cannot tell you how much I love you.

All that I am today, is through your encouragement and your support.

Happy Father's Day!

You will always be the #1 man in my life and in my heart. I love you!


  1. awww so sweet!! happy fathers day, uncle! i still remember the day we came to your home to send you off at the airport.

    he paid for our taxis but left earlier so he and your mum could catch the bus. he's such a sweet man!! :) send me love to him this special day!

  2. haha you still remembered that? i miss my mum and dad... :(


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