Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crafting: Junior / Teens Halter Top Simplicity Pattern

halter front

I made a couple of these as gifts, but I had to try them on myself! Not having much of a chest meant they fit me perfectly. It's a pity I didn't get to take pictures of the two little cutie pies I gave these tops to. But i gifted a third one to J's cousin and she looks so adorable!!

Does this count as trying out dress patterns? (even though it's the super easy ones?) If so, another off the bucket list please!

Alright, i'll try an actual DRESS pattern one day!

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  1. How cute and of course it counts!!! I love your figure!! You should make some for yourself this summer!! ;)

  2. Hey Punky, Yes it counts! So check that off! It is adorable and you did such a great job! I agree with the comment above, you should make some for your (little ole) self! You are a cutie pie.

    Thanks for stopping by and for all the encouragement! I can always count on you to support me and give the encouragement I need! Thank you for that!
    Have a great week!

  3. These look like bibs. I saw a few Chinese period movies in my days and it seems this is what the ladies wear in their bedrooms. It's like lingerie. I remember one year this outfit was really hot and every where I went in Singapore women were wearing this itsy bitsy thing.

  4. This top looks so cute! And yes, I think it definitely're just working your way up to a dress pattern :)

  5. Oh, it counts -- especially if you're learning new skills that can be applied to dresses.

  6. It looks adorable! Your figure is so slim! Looking great!


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