Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th!!

What are you planning to do on this lovely midweek holiday?

My friends plan to hang out at the National Whitewater Center for the Coca Cola 4th of July Festival to do some whitewater rafting and kayaking in the day, and stay on for live bands, fun and fireworks in the night!

The Carolina Raptor Center plans to release 8 red shouldered hawks in different parks in the Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, NC, between 11am and noon. One of the parks is really near my house, i might just pop over!

I'm not sure what i want to do yet. But I look forward to spending some nice cosy time snuggling in bed with the J-man (before he leaves for the Philippines on Tuesday!) and then finishing up my 3rd Game of Thrones book!

Happy 4th everyone!

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