Monday, July 16, 2012

Recipes: What to do with too many roma tomatoes -- Tomato sauce!!!

My gawd.

The J-man would be so proud of me. For 4th consecutive day I've been cooking, using ingredients mostly from the garden.

Just don't tell him it's cause i had to use up those stupid tomatoes. Too many already! (I have a feeling i'm going to get beat up for complaining about having too much food...)

This morning i just gave away a big bag of tomatoes, bell peppers and squash. And i still have leftover for myself.

dehydrator tomatoes

We bought a dehydrator so i can dehydrate stuff. but I have ENOUGH dried tomatoes, so i had to look for recipes to make something other than sun-dried tomatoes.

So here's a recipe for easy tomato sauce for your favorite pasta. And remember, if i can do this, it's a no brainer for you!


Roma tomatoes
Garlic cloves
Basil leaves
Pepper and salt
Chilli flakes

I didn't use any measurements, just eyeballed the amount. But if you need the measurements, i got the recipe off here


Cut a slit in the tomato skin before putting the tomatoes in boiling water and let boil for 1-2 minutes. No more than that! or the tomatoes get too squishy to peel

Place all boiled tomatoes into a bowl of (optional: ice) cold water to cool. Now the slit you have made before makes it easier for you to get the skin off after the tomatoes have cooled.

While waiting for tomatoes to cool, chop the other ingredients : dice onion, finely dice garlic cloves and also the basil leaves. Set aside

Heat oil in medium sized frying pan. Saute onions for about 5-7 minutes before adding the garlic.


Meanwhile, you can start peeling the skin off the tomatoes, and dice them into halves or quarters.

Throw all chopped up tomatoes into a strainer and drain all liquids. Sprinkle salt all over the tomatoes.

When the onions and garlic are done, add tomatoes to frying pan. Add basil leaves and chilli flakes, more salt and pepper to taste. Stir to mix well, then let simmer over low heat for about 30-35 minutes.

You can boil your pasta while simmering the sauce. When they both done, just pour sauce over the noodles. I like to add shrimp to my pasta, so i would blanche some store bought cooked shrimp in the hot water used to cook the noodles, and add them to the dish.


All set and ready for dinner!! (and leftovers for tomorrow's lunch!!)


  1. Recipes like this are what's getting me through the CSA season! This is one of the best ways to use up large amounts of produce at once -- kinda like making pesto with herbs. Looks yummy.

  2. this sounds great! I have the same problem right now with my tomato plant...stop producing tomatos already!!

  3. Ooooo yummy! ;) all it took was j's absence to get you cooking!! ;)

  4. oooo, seems really good (and simple
    enough to make myself!). i love tomatoes!

    erica | sweets + hearts

  5. Yummy!! I will ONLY eat tomato sauce if it is homemade. I never liked it as a kid for some reason.... This looks delicious!

  6. That looks scrumptious! We have tomatoes coming out the wazoo too! May have to try this, might add just a bit of corn to it too!

    Have a great weekend!


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