Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Miss Independent : Mid-week blues on Day 1

No, wait. This is not a part of Jess' (from Avant-Garde Living) Miss Independent series. This is me, attempting to function on Day 1, after J left for the Philippines on his all-boys vacay.

This was taken at the airport just before he had to check in.

He will be gone 3 weeks.

And as you may know, he cooks

When he told me about his decision to go on this trip, the first thought that popped into my head was "What about my meals?" A very pragmatic woman, i agree.

But I had to start planning my time better now that he's gone. Because there's a ton of things on my to do list, that used to be split between two people.

Such as

☹ Feed and play with the lizards.

☹ Water the garden.

☹ Weed the garden (on weekends only)

☹ Pick veggies from the garden before they rot and go to waste.

☹ Figure out a way to feed myself

☹ Motivate myself to keep up with evening runs without J

☹ Wash the car and change the oil.

Such and such and such. Bah.

Is it really just the first day?


  1. You'll be fine! Do you have a Trader Joes store in your area? They have a wonderful frosen food section in the store. Also stay busy and time will go fast!

  2. Very sweet photo of you and J! I know how you feel ... when my husband leaves for just three days, I miss him greatly. Sounds like you will be busy completing your to do list. How wonderful that you will have a bunch of fresh vegetables from your garden for some side dishes or salads. I hope you are coping well. He will be home before you know it. Take care!

    1. Thank you! I wish time would fly! But i've been really busy so that's good. It's the nights i dread...

  3. Cute. When is your vacay? equal time?

  4. I live in the Philippines! Looking forward to his stories to you and what he thinks of my country. :)


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